20 November 2010

awesome etsy item of the week

the awesome etsy item of pretty much all time is my friend's yeti stocking.

how this girl has the patience to sew plush things is beyond me, but when i saw this post on her facebook page i fell down in love. it doesn't matter that she is my friend- this item is awesome by anyone's standards!


100 hats

it's destash time!

well, kind of. i'm not a very good de-stasher. like my grandmother, i feel it is necessary to keep EVERY little ball of yarn, and throwing them away seems like an awful thing to do. at the same time, i don't want to embarrass anyone by even thinking to include them in some sort of yarn swap. i also don't feel that donating 40 yards of what was originally a $1.99 skein of acrylic is any benefit to a thrift store. so! like i usually want to do, i figured i could come up with a project that would help me clear out my stash.

i recently went through a pretty awful depression and came out of it feeling like i need to focus way more on others than i do on myself. so, the 100 Hats project was born. i am going to knit/crochet 100 hats to give away to a charity, probably friends of pine ridge reservation.

i'm not setting myself a deadline, because lord knows with my slow hands that i'd never meet it, and i'm not going to cop out and just make 100 single-crochet hats. however, most of the knitted ones will probably be worked flat and seamed, just because my options for DPNs are limited.

i'm starting off with this hat. wish me luck!

12 November 2010


here is the pattern for the scarf i call "layal", pictured in the last post :)

10 November 2010

since last i've written, we've moved! i'm now in the land of heat, which means my project patterns are probably going to change. unfortunately, it doesn't get cold enough here to wear winter clothing, but we can still appreciate lovely wraps, shawls and scarves. i'm getting my knit on for christmas, but that's about it. what do you knit for a desert rat?

(i know, i know. washcloths. lacy openwork stuff.)

i made this lovely scarf that will have a pattern up soon.

24 September 2010

hello fall

fall is my favorite season. there is something deep, deep in me which dusts off longings for home when the leaves start to turn. i'm not sure why colored leaves = home for me, especially since i grew up in coastal washington and then in montana, out in the woods with the conifers. whenever we would drive through town in september i would almost throw up in envy of the people who got to live in their two-story houses with their hardwood floors and the maple out front that carpeted the lawn and sidewalks with yellow. i ached to be one of those children who got to rake leaves into piles over and over for jumping in, so much so that i tried to one day with the teardrop leaves of our young birch, unknowingly mixing them with dog droppings for a nasty surprise.

did you ever have the fall you wanted? i haven't yet.

22 September 2010

groovy etsy item of the week

i don't ordinarily scope out the etsy treasuries but this art print was right smack on the front page and i love it. i want to buy it and don't have the money! so maybe one of you should.peace and love.

18 September 2010

i love this new hat

and with good reason! soft, silky yarn in a wool/acrylic blend, natural colors... it's supposed to be "high plains variegated" by patons shetland chunky or something, but i ordered some of that and it doesn't match exactly. it's similarly colored but the browns aren't as dark as the one in this hat.

i casted on 70 sts on number 8 needles for the rib, and then kf&b'd every stitch with circular 11s and just went from there. i ended up knitting the last bit using the circulars and two pens, since i don't have size 11 dpns and really wanted to finish the thing.

oh, and as you can see i cut and colored my hair :)

cheers everyone, i hope you're settling into fall :)

29 August 2010

tofu cutie's charity mittens

finally, i have a pattern to post! this mitten pattern is worked flat with seams on the thumb and side. the stitch pattern and increases/decreases are modeled off of bev's 2-needle mittens knitting pattern, which i ADORE. i wanted a crochet pattern which would be more seamless to make. these work up quickly- i made a pair in a couple of hours. the pattern is written to be adjustable, so you can fiddle with it on your own. try increasing yarn and hook sizes to make a bigger mitten if you don't want to add rows. for this pattern, i used Red Heart Super Saver in "Aruba sea" and a size G hook.

this pattern is intended for your own personal use and for use for charity. please do not sell this pattern or items made from it (exceptions would be use to make mittens for a charity crafts fair or event where the money will be donated to charity.)

for an even-looking hand, crochet in the "right side" loop of each row.

you may notice that as you increase for the thumb stitches the piece gets a little crowded and unwieldy. that's all right- this is how it should be, and will make for a good thumb.

row 1: ch 9. sc in 2nd ch from hook and each sc across- 8 sc.
row 2: ch 1, turn. sc in back loop of each sc across- 8 sc.
repeat row 2 until there are 24 rows. if you want a wider cuff, add a few additional rows.

turn the work so you will be crocheting along the long edge of the cuff and sl st across to form base sts of hand. i got 26 stitches. you should have the equivalent or near-equivalent of how many rows you did. make sure the stitch count you get is an even number. if it is not, just add another sl st on the end or in the middle somewhere.

row 1: ch 1, turn. sc in same st. sc in each st across, 2 sc in last st.
row 2: ch 1, turn. this is a little tricky. take the number of sts in your row and subtract 2. then, divide the resulting number in half. this will get you the number of stitches that you will make on each side of the thumb. so, since i have 28 sts in this row, i subtract 2 (26) and divide by 2 (13). therefore, there will be 13 sts on each side of the thumb sts. for 30 sts it would be 14 sts, for 32 it would be 15 sts, etc.

once you have the number figured out, continue as follows (the (#) represents the number you got):

sc in each of next (#) sts. (for me, i would sc in each of the next 13 sts.) 2 sc in each of next 2 sts. sc in each of (#) remaining sts. (for me, i would sc in each of the remaining 13 sts.)

row 3: ch 1, turn. sc in each of next (#) sts. 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 2 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in each of next (#) sts. see where i'm going with this?

row 4: ch 1, turn. sc in each of next (#) sts. 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 4 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in each of next (#) sts.

row 5: ch 1, turn. sc in each of next (#) sts. 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 6 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in each of next (#) sts.

row 6: ch 1, turn. sc in each of next (#) sts. 2 sc in next st, 1 sc in next 8 sts, 2 sc in next st, sc in each of next (number) sts.

note: 12 sts for the thumb is USUALLY enough. if you need a bigger thumb, i suggest continuing this pattern until there are 12 sts between each "2 sc". don't make it bigger than half the hand width, though, or you'll end up with an oven mitt!

next row: ch 1, turn. sc in next (#) sts. sc in next 12 sts (more if you decide to make thumb wider- the number of stitches will be 4 + however many you had between each "2 sc". so if you did 2 sc, 12 sc, 2 sc, it would be 16 sc total, and you would sc in next 16 sts.)

ch 1, turn. sc in each of next 11 sc (12 thumb sts, or however many you have).

repeat last row 4 more times until there are 6 rows. if you want a longer thumb, add more rows.

next row: ch 1, turn. sc 2 tog across. you may have 1 extra st; just sc in it and turn.

  1. cut yarn, thread through remaining sts, pull tight. leave long strand of yarn for sewing up thumb later. reattach yarn at NEXT st on base row and sc in each st across (13 sts or whatever # you have.)
  2. insert needle from side of row opposite yarn and weave through remaining sts in row. yo with crochet hook and pull all sts through so you have a loop on hook and all sts are pulled tight. fold mitten in half and crochet 2 sides of thumb together (i prefer sl st). when you reach the base, continue with a sc in each st across (13 sts or whatever # you have.)
the first is a little more precise when it comes to stitching the thumb, but some find it to be messy to reattach the yarn. the second lets you continue uninterrupted, but can make the thumb a little smaller.

Hand (continued)

next row: ch 1, turn. Sc across each of next (# x 2) sts. since i had 13 sts on each side of the thumb, i crocheted across each of the next 26 sts.

repeat last row until there are 10 rows.

next row: ch 1, turn. * sc2tog across next 2 sts. sc in next 2 sts. repeat from * to end, sc in last st, turn.

next row: ch 1, turn. * sc2tog across next 2 sts. sc in next st. repeat from * to end, sc in last st, turn.

next row: sc2tog across, sc in last st, turn.

gather and sew up the edge of the mitten using one of the 2 ways provided above, and you're done!

if you find any errors in this pattern or have questions, please leave a comment and i'll get back to you!

20 August 2010

summer fading

what is your favorite part of summer?
in montana, we tend to say "the weather". this will last a week or so until people start complaining about the heat, the crowds at the lakes, the money spent on water to soak the garden and lawns. being from both arizona and montana, i tend to dismiss weather when i think of my summer love.
(yes, that is my fiancé with one of our chickens- nancy, the most brazen of them all.)

i love possibilities in summer. the idea that you can go outside at any moment. the new growth of things, which here doesn't begin until may. the perk in everyone's step. the hair let down, the clothes shed. fresh fruits and vegetables that taste like sunshine. summer is a period of growth. it is a time when, after long hibernation, our bodies become alive again under the sun.
in a month it will be fall. it is already winding down here. we got two months of sunshine. before that was snow. i am just grateful to have felt it at all. i will be living in a place where there is sun all the time, soon enough. for now i am savoring the smell of the warm pine needles in the sun.

15 August 2010

crocheting for charity

a little while back i did a website to find items that accept crocheted/knitted items for charity. i found an abundance of websites for a variety of projects, and i'd like to dedicate this post to highlighting these charities. my monthly crochet for charity group on ravelry has already made a bunch of items to give to a few, but i am just astounded by the amount of charities that are out there. if you have a charity you'd like to have posted here, please PM me on ravelry (ikisstrees) or send me an email at buckleybones AT gmail DOT com.

31 July 2010

baby crafts

so i've decided that, since every project i begin takes me about 6 months to complete, i'd better start working on some baby items so that when the time comes i'm not bereft. babies have been on my mind a lot lately, especially since the Man and i are getting married next year, so i thought it might be fun to do some baby items (especially since i don't have anyone else to make them for.) the "monthly crochet for charity" group on ravelry has a focus on booties/blankets this month as well- i figure it's grounds for good practice!

my current project is this pattern from Lion Brand yarn.

it's very instantly gratifying and works up super quick (in other words, my type of project!)

i'm making it in bernat handicrafter cotton, in a very neon teal blue. but tofu cutie, you protest, how will cotton warm your baby, presumably what blankets are intended for? since my fiancé (i love calling him that!) is from phoenix, and we are moving there in a few months, my guess is that any baby we have will be born there, and- if i have my way- will be born august/septemberish. august in phoenix is around 117 degrees. poor child will not need a blanket for some time methinks. don't worry, i'll knit a wool one for all that air conditioning.

what are some of your favorite baby projects?

24 July 2010

all right, i admit it

i'm a bad poster.

in fact i forgot about this blog entirely. it's only recently reading craftpassion that i've had a mind to start up again. but would you like to know why i don't post regularly? my canon 50D. yes, that's my excuse. my bad-ass camera.

it would be different if i could just click & upload with no issues, but whenever i take a picture i have to upload, edit and resize it, which on my poor little computer (which only has photoshop cs3 and wheezes every time i open the program) takes forever. so photographing projects has become a bit of a hassle.

here's what i'm working on currently:
  1. tams aplenty
  2. this shawl
  3. a rag rug
it's hard to stay focused, since it's summer and i just got a whole gallon of yarn from my mom, and my brain is overrun with ideas. but i'm trying.

and i'm going to TRY to update here regularly. because i want to be a blog people read and get inspiration from.