09 June 2011

finally i knitted something to completion!

i finally knitted a project all the way to the end! it's a ravelry download- melissa hills' chunky slouch cap. the description of the cap was totally inaccurate and it ended up tiny- like a super tight beanie- so i was a little disappointed by that, but it's a very cute beanie, and i got it finished in a few hours. for those of you who knit quickly, you could probably do a few of these in a day. and it used less than 80 yards of super bulky yarn :)

i'm very proud of myself. i've never done a pattern project before that i've actually finished. i tried to make a beret, but i messed it up in the end and wrecked it.

now i'm going to try fingerless gloves. i'm trying to be more fashionable- but i refuse to go to the mall, so i might as well make a few things for myself :)Link

05 June 2011

cardboard petal picture frame

i LOVE this cardboard petal picture frame idea from the familyfun website. after my rats got too big to fit in the tubes, i always felt like i was wasting them when i threw them in the recycle bin. this is a craft adults can do and make something beautiful!