09 June 2011

finally i knitted something to completion!

i finally knitted a project all the way to the end! it's a ravelry download- melissa hills' chunky slouch cap. the description of the cap was totally inaccurate and it ended up tiny- like a super tight beanie- so i was a little disappointed by that, but it's a very cute beanie, and i got it finished in a few hours. for those of you who knit quickly, you could probably do a few of these in a day. and it used less than 80 yards of super bulky yarn :)

i'm very proud of myself. i've never done a pattern project before that i've actually finished. i tried to make a beret, but i messed it up in the end and wrecked it.

now i'm going to try fingerless gloves. i'm trying to be more fashionable- but i refuse to go to the mall, so i might as well make a few things for myself :)Link

05 June 2011

cardboard petal picture frame

i LOVE this cardboard petal picture frame idea from the familyfun website. after my rats got too big to fit in the tubes, i always felt like i was wasting them when i threw them in the recycle bin. this is a craft adults can do and make something beautiful!

20 November 2010

awesome etsy item of the week

the awesome etsy item of pretty much all time is my friend's yeti stocking.

how this girl has the patience to sew plush things is beyond me, but when i saw this post on her facebook page i fell down in love. it doesn't matter that she is my friend- this item is awesome by anyone's standards!


100 hats

it's destash time!

well, kind of. i'm not a very good de-stasher. like my grandmother, i feel it is necessary to keep EVERY little ball of yarn, and throwing them away seems like an awful thing to do. at the same time, i don't want to embarrass anyone by even thinking to include them in some sort of yarn swap. i also don't feel that donating 40 yards of what was originally a $1.99 skein of acrylic is any benefit to a thrift store. so! like i usually want to do, i figured i could come up with a project that would help me clear out my stash.

i recently went through a pretty awful depression and came out of it feeling like i need to focus way more on others than i do on myself. so, the 100 Hats project was born. i am going to knit/crochet 100 hats to give away to a charity, probably friends of pine ridge reservation.

i'm not setting myself a deadline, because lord knows with my slow hands that i'd never meet it, and i'm not going to cop out and just make 100 single-crochet hats. however, most of the knitted ones will probably be worked flat and seamed, just because my options for DPNs are limited.

i'm starting off with this hat. wish me luck!

12 November 2010


here is the pattern for the scarf i call "layal", pictured in the last post :)

10 November 2010

since last i've written, we've moved! i'm now in the land of heat, which means my project patterns are probably going to change. unfortunately, it doesn't get cold enough here to wear winter clothing, but we can still appreciate lovely wraps, shawls and scarves. i'm getting my knit on for christmas, but that's about it. what do you knit for a desert rat?

(i know, i know. washcloths. lacy openwork stuff.)

i made this lovely scarf that will have a pattern up soon.

24 September 2010

hello fall

fall is my favorite season. there is something deep, deep in me which dusts off longings for home when the leaves start to turn. i'm not sure why colored leaves = home for me, especially since i grew up in coastal washington and then in montana, out in the woods with the conifers. whenever we would drive through town in september i would almost throw up in envy of the people who got to live in their two-story houses with their hardwood floors and the maple out front that carpeted the lawn and sidewalks with yellow. i ached to be one of those children who got to rake leaves into piles over and over for jumping in, so much so that i tried to one day with the teardrop leaves of our young birch, unknowingly mixing them with dog droppings for a nasty surprise.

did you ever have the fall you wanted? i haven't yet.

22 September 2010

groovy etsy item of the week

i don't ordinarily scope out the etsy treasuries but this art print was right smack on the front page and i love it. i want to buy it and don't have the money! so maybe one of you should.peace and love.