12 December 2009

oh, christmas...

one of the things about being poor is that you make christmas gifts instead of buying them... and i swear the process is driving me crazy! i've felt very accomplished that i made gifts so far for my niece, my best friends, my mother and my grandmother. but i still have my other niece, my older sister, my fiance's sister, my fiance's mother, and my friend in phoenix to take care of... and it's already the 12th!

well, that's how it goes, i suppose.

03 December 2009

christmas is coming!

i think this will be the first christmas where i actually have gifts for everyone. since i am utterly broke, they are all handmade, but i don't mind (and hopefully they won't either!)

i'm making a couple of the triangle shawls (i posted the pattern here) for my mom and grandmother. i'm embroidering a bib for my new nephew-in-law, a hat for my friend, a scarf for antoher friend, and so on and so on. going to colorado for thanksgiving meant lots of car time and therefore lots of craft time. because i am perpetually sidetracked i made a hat for myself along with mitts in the same color with lion brand homespun, and a hat for my fiance since his head kept getting cold.

now it's 15 degrees out, snowing, and i'm excited for winter!!!