20 November 2010

100 hats

it's destash time!

well, kind of. i'm not a very good de-stasher. like my grandmother, i feel it is necessary to keep EVERY little ball of yarn, and throwing them away seems like an awful thing to do. at the same time, i don't want to embarrass anyone by even thinking to include them in some sort of yarn swap. i also don't feel that donating 40 yards of what was originally a $1.99 skein of acrylic is any benefit to a thrift store. so! like i usually want to do, i figured i could come up with a project that would help me clear out my stash.

i recently went through a pretty awful depression and came out of it feeling like i need to focus way more on others than i do on myself. so, the 100 Hats project was born. i am going to knit/crochet 100 hats to give away to a charity, probably friends of pine ridge reservation.

i'm not setting myself a deadline, because lord knows with my slow hands that i'd never meet it, and i'm not going to cop out and just make 100 single-crochet hats. however, most of the knitted ones will probably be worked flat and seamed, just because my options for DPNs are limited.

i'm starting off with this hat. wish me luck!

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