18 September 2010

i love this new hat

and with good reason! soft, silky yarn in a wool/acrylic blend, natural colors... it's supposed to be "high plains variegated" by patons shetland chunky or something, but i ordered some of that and it doesn't match exactly. it's similarly colored but the browns aren't as dark as the one in this hat.

i casted on 70 sts on number 8 needles for the rib, and then kf&b'd every stitch with circular 11s and just went from there. i ended up knitting the last bit using the circulars and two pens, since i don't have size 11 dpns and really wanted to finish the thing.

oh, and as you can see i cut and colored my hair :)

cheers everyone, i hope you're settling into fall :)

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