25 March 2009

Hi crafters. Sorry I haven't written- I've had various camera issues in the past couple of weeks and one of them died altogether. I resurrected it with the help of Mr. Tabletop and Ms. Hammer. Surprisingly it works great now, as well it should since it was a Christmas gift.

When I read about the Snuggles Project, I knew it was something I had to do. The project, essentially, involves knitting/crocheting blankets for homeless cats and dogs. You donate the Snuggles to participating shelters and the dogs and cats can sleep on something other than a cold stone floor. I've lost both a cat AND a dog since October of last year, and have wanted desperately to get more pets; this lets me get involved with animals in the time that I have and somewhat calms my desire to own an entire farm. ^_^

Here is my first snuggle, ugly as poo in Easter colors but soft and cuddly:
Another project I undertook the other day was *gasp* a knitting project; don't fret, I held to my oft-observed stereotype of having an extremely short attention span and no knitting skill by knitting... a bracelet.

It is, however, cute.
I'm actually giving it as a gift to someone, but I was glad it turned out cute and not looking like the slacker project I considered it. I promise I'll try something more complicated later. I'm thinking of just doing knitting blocks to practice patterns... but god... that sounds like effort! ^_^

Oh yes, and with the success of my Kissuptopus I thought I'd try my hand at something cuter- and instead ended up with something creepier. I present to you, the only crochet project I have finished the past couple weeks: Creepy Cat.
It's cute to me, but realised it might be too voodoo-effigyish for the person I was intending on giving it to as a gift- and that person would be too polite to tell me so, leaving it sitting on her desk for weeks, staring at her with satanic yellow wool eyes...

So it's watching me at my desk. I dig it, at least.

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