11 March 2009


So I tried to make this bird as a gift for my boss. It didn't work because I'm impatient. Halfway through the pattern I got bored and decided to turn it into an octopus. So here it is... the Kissuptopus!

I stuffed it with a failed hat I was making for J. I made it with Caron SimplySoft Eco and a G hook. The eyes are little felted wool balls that I made myself from wool yarn. It's very cute, except the head is enormous! I think my boss liked it. Maybe not. She's not very good at showing emotion other than social perk.

Oh well. At least it kept my hands busy. I'm currently making a neckwarmer and crocheting a blanket for the Snuggles Project for PAWS Chicago. I went to their website the other day (PAWS)- I have to remember not to do that- it makes me want a property where I can own 50 cats and dogs!


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  1. Hi there, I just found your tam hat on ravelry and really want to make it but the link isn't working anymore! Could you be amazing and repost the link for me? It looks so good! Thanks!