13 November 2009

granny squares

I spent all of yesterday working on this pattern, to make one of those granny-square hippie halter tops that you will need to line with fabric if you have any common decency. I have no illusions about my body, so I know exactly how I look in everything, but I figured I could give this halter top a try. I learned quickly that, being made of granny squares, it's going to show everything if you allow it to, which is why it will be lined with cotton before wearing to prevent nippledom.

(How did people get away with these patterns in the 70s? Crocheted bathing suits, crocheted tank tops... and no one wore bras with them, OR seemed to mind that their goodies were on display. I guess this is the darker side of the sexual revolution or something.)

Then again, as What Not To Crochet points out, sometimes crochet can be used as a contraceptive strategy, so maybe the designers of kinky halter tops had the complete emasculation of men going for them.

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