24 July 2010

all right, i admit it

i'm a bad poster.

in fact i forgot about this blog entirely. it's only recently reading craftpassion that i've had a mind to start up again. but would you like to know why i don't post regularly? my canon 50D. yes, that's my excuse. my bad-ass camera.

it would be different if i could just click & upload with no issues, but whenever i take a picture i have to upload, edit and resize it, which on my poor little computer (which only has photoshop cs3 and wheezes every time i open the program) takes forever. so photographing projects has become a bit of a hassle.

here's what i'm working on currently:
  1. tams aplenty
  2. this shawl
  3. a rag rug
it's hard to stay focused, since it's summer and i just got a whole gallon of yarn from my mom, and my brain is overrun with ideas. but i'm trying.

and i'm going to TRY to update here regularly. because i want to be a blog people read and get inspiration from.

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