31 July 2010

baby crafts

so i've decided that, since every project i begin takes me about 6 months to complete, i'd better start working on some baby items so that when the time comes i'm not bereft. babies have been on my mind a lot lately, especially since the Man and i are getting married next year, so i thought it might be fun to do some baby items (especially since i don't have anyone else to make them for.) the "monthly crochet for charity" group on ravelry has a focus on booties/blankets this month as well- i figure it's grounds for good practice!

my current project is this pattern from Lion Brand yarn.

it's very instantly gratifying and works up super quick (in other words, my type of project!)

i'm making it in bernat handicrafter cotton, in a very neon teal blue. but tofu cutie, you protest, how will cotton warm your baby, presumably what blankets are intended for? since my fiancé (i love calling him that!) is from phoenix, and we are moving there in a few months, my guess is that any baby we have will be born there, and- if i have my way- will be born august/septemberish. august in phoenix is around 117 degrees. poor child will not need a blanket for some time methinks. don't worry, i'll knit a wool one for all that air conditioning.

what are some of your favorite baby projects?

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